Costs and payment

If the police want to interview you about an offence then we can attend the police station interview free of charge. This is one of the most important stages in any prosecution, and one that could have a strong bearing on whether or not you are charged. Call us before you attend the station and we will arrange free representation for you.

As each case is different, there are no set rules when it comes to costs. That is why no firm should ask for £1000 up front with absolutely no knowledge of your case. Furthermore, there are very few first appearances that would warrant an up front fee of £1000.

We will generally offer a fixed fee for each hearing. The fee will be agreed between you and ourselves before we commit to appear in court. We will discuss the case with you and assess the type of matter with which you are charged, the likely plea and what work will be involved. Only then will we write to you, confirming your instructions and make the arrangements for the fee to be paid.

We will ask that we are in receipt of funds prior to the hearing date, either by cheque or a bank transfer. Bank details will be made available after confirming your instructions with you.

The one promise that we make to all of our clients is that costs information will be reviewed regularly, and that at no time will we present you with a bill that is either unexpected, or has not been discussed with you.